Buying tickets online was not as simple as Bookkaru has made it easy and convenient. Bookkaru, one of the largest ticket booking platforms ranging from Plane, Bus, Train, Cinema, and Events, to major Tourist Attractions in Pakistan, has made it so easy for people to book tickets online from the comfort of their beds, freeing them from standing in queues. If you are planning to travel to different cities in Pakistan and want to book an online ticket, you can choose Bookkaru Faisal Movers without hesitation.

Bookkaru Faisal Movers provides various ongoing discounts, promo codes, referral codes, gift cards, vouchers, and coupon codes to avail of discounts on multiple bookings. Group tickets can also be purchased at market-competitive rates. Moreover, the user-friendly interface of the Bookkaru App and Website ensures an easy 7-step ticket booking process with secure payment channels. In this article, you will learn each step to book a Faisal Movers online ticket through the Bookkaru App or Website.

How to Book Online Ticket with Bookkaru


  • Download the Bookkaru App on the Play Store or Apple Store
  • After Downloading and Installing, the Bookkaru App shows this display.
Bookkaru App Faisal Movers
bookkaru faisal movers online booking


  • To complete your profile on Bookkaru, you need to put your mobile number
  • Enter your mobile number and press continue
  • The mobile number is asked to send confirmation messages regarding your ticket booking online


  • Create an account by clicking the “Signup Now” button
  • To Complete the Sign-Up process, enter your Email and a strong password.
  • Alternatively, you can also click the Facebook or Google+ button to continue the Sign-Up process
bookkaru faisal movers discount
bookkaru faisal movers helpline


  • After Account Creation, you see the home screen of the Bookkaru App
  • Click on the “Bus Button” at the upper left bar of the Bookkaru App


  • Enter Departure and Destination in the “From” and “To” Button respectively
  • Select the desired date you want to travel.
  • Click on the “Search Busses” button
bookkaru faisal movers lahore
bookkaru faisal movers rate list


  • Click on the “View Timings Button”
  • Select the most suitable time you want to travel


  • Select the payment method
  • Pay & Start Journey with Faisal Movers
bookkaru faisal movers to karachi
Bookkaru Faisal Movers

About Bookkaru

bookkaru faisal movers schedule
Bookkaru Company Details

Bus Service Providers on the Bookkaru App

Bookkaru is an online ticket booking platform that works with various bus service operators in Pakistan. Here are the details of bus service providers working with Bookkaru.

  • Faisal Movers
  • Daewoo Express
  • FMBT Express
  • Bilal Travels
  • Niazi Express
  • Kohistan Express
  • Kainat Travels
  • Road Master
  • Waraich Express

Bookkaru Refund Policy

If you purchase an online ticket through or Bookkaru App, contact them at 0311-1999560 or email [email protected] to claim a refund. Bookkaru Refund Policy is explicitly clear regarding cancellation/refund. If a passenger wants to return a ticket, he/she can return before 2 hours of departure. Most of the information regarding the cancellation or refund policy of Faisal Movers is mentioned on the backside of the purchased ticket. Return the ticket at least thirty minutes before departure at the same counter where you purchased it.

Bookkaru Faisal Movers Contact Number

Bookkaru Events

Bookkaru provides the tickets for online booking of events to be held in Pakistan. Events can be tourist activities or a music concert. There are four payment methods to purchase Bookkaru event tickets that include Payfast, Jazz Cash, Master Card, Alfalah Account, and Debit / Credit Card. You can check ongoing Bookkaru events online by clicking here.

Bookkaru Faisal Movers Payment Method

Bookkaru provides various payment methods to book tickets online. It has made online ticket purchasing so convenient that anyone can purchase online tickets with ease and comfort. Bookkaru Faisal Movers tickets are easy to buy on Bookkaru App or Website. The following payment methods are provided by Bookkaru to its customers for easy convenience of Faisal Movers online ticket booking.

  1. Bookkaru Wallet: Bookkaru Wallet is a built-in wallet offered by Bookkaru itself. You can keep some amount in PKR in that wallet and use it in the future by booking online tickets for flights, buses, trains, cinemas, or tourist attractions.
  2. Alfalah Payment Gateway: Alfalah Payment Gateway is an online payment method used by Bookkaru to collect payments from its customers who book Faisal Movers tickets online. Customers can click on the link provided by Bookkaru to deposit the required amount for online booking. Alfafalh Payment Gateway accepts only through Debit Cards, Credit cards, Jazz Cash, and Easypaisa.
  3. Payfast: Payfast is a licensed fintech company registered by the State Bank of Pakistan that readily accepts payments from different businesses. Bookkaru Faisal Movers customers can use Payfast to deposit the requisite amount for online booking of tickets.
  4. Jazz Cash: Jazz Cash is widely used by the people of Pakistan. All you need is to add your mobile number to Jazz Cash Wallet and pay the invoiced amount for the online booking of a ticket through Bookkaru Faisal Movers.
  5. Easypaisa: Easypaisa is widely used by the people of Pakistan. All you need is to add your mobile number to Easypaisa Wallet and pay the invoiced amount for the online booking of a ticket through Bookkaru Faisal Movers.
  6. Mastercard / Debit Card: Simply add the details of your Debit Card in the payment section of the Bookkaru App. Choose the desired destination and enjoy.
  7. Credit Card: Simply add the details of your Credit Card in the payment section of the Bookkaru App. Choose the desired destination and enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bookkaru ensures the arrangement of alternative services if a particular service previously booked is canceled for any reason. Moreover, the representative from Bookkaru makes a telephone call to convey the reason for the cancelation of a particular service.

Yes. Bookkaru offers discounts on buying bus tickets by up to 30%. It does not charge extra for bus tickets. Bookkaru has made it convenient to buy tickets online and avoid queues.

Bookkaru Faisal Movers Bus tickets can be returned two hours before the departure. No deduction will be made before two hours of departure.

Yes. You can change bus type or bus service two hours before the departure for Bookkaru Faisal Movers