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Have you ever recalled the wind in your hair as you travel along a highway? Obviously, Yes! Traveling integrates unforgettable memories in the subconscious, and everyone wants to build them. If you are planning to move from Rahim Yar Khan to other cities, you can choose Faisal Movers Pano Aqil without having a second thought.

Having the largest bus fleet in Pakistan, Faisal Movers is a pioneer in digitalizing and modernizing the transportation sector. Introduction to Video on Demand (VOD) System, Charging Ports, AC/Heater, Footrest, and Refreshments during traveling have made Faisal Movers one of the best bus services in Pakistan. It has transformed traveling into nonstop entertainment.

Faisal Movers Pano Aqil Contact Number | Online Booking Number

Faisal Movers provides cell phone numbers, a helpline/landline, and a UAN to contact at the terminal in Pano Aqil for online booking and other related updates. You can find the Faisal Movers Pano Aqil’s Contact Number and Online Booking Number for reservation of seats, online booking, getting cargo updates, and other relevant information in the following table:

 Faisal Movers Pano Aqil Updated Ticket Prices 2024

Here, you will get the updated list of Faisal Mover’s fares for 2024. As an enthusiastic traveler, I am going to provide you with updated Faisal Movers’ fares from Pano Aqil to other cities in Pakistan. Fares are classified according to provinces in alphabetical order so that anyone can easily find them without spending much time. You can get the latest ongoing discount updates here. In the following table, you will get the latest Faisal Movers ticket prices to travel to different cities of Pakistan.

Faisal Movers Bus on Motorway

Faisal Movers Pano Aqil Terminal

Here you will get the latest information regarding the terminal of Faisal MoversPano Aqil. If you are planning to travel through Sindh and want reliable, comfortable, and easy bus service, you can choose Faisal Movers without having a second thought. Moreover, you can see the location of the terminal on Google Maps by pressing the following button.

Faisal Movers Pano Aqil Bus Schedule

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People mostly travel from Sadiqabad to cities like Hyderabad, Karachi, Multan, and Faisalabad. Faisal Movers provides quality services in these cities with highly modernized and environment-friendly bus terminals. If you are traveling from Alipur to one of the other cities, you can check the details given below:

Faisal Movers Buses

Safety, comfort, and timely arrival become our top priority when we plan to start a journey. Faisal Movers ensures the demands of passengers by having a luxury fleet of buses. The fleet includes seven major categories: Hi Roof/Executive Mini, Standard, Executive, Executive Plus, Super Executive, Sleeper Bus, and Business Class Bus. Each category has a unique set of features and seating arrangements. 

Faisal Movers Bus

Faisal Movers’ Hi Roof 15-Seater Toyota Hi-Ace brings a comfortable solution to travel for short distances, as well as is ideal for group journeys. People also call it “Faisal Movers Hiace.” With its high roof design and seating capacity, this vehicle ensures a pleasant and convenient travel experience for passengers.

For passengers who prefer economy class, Faisal Movers offers standard bus service. This bus type has Daewoo BH-116 buses with 45 seating capacity. Standard buses have a 2+2 seating configuration containing two seats in the same column, with a space in between, and two seats in another column.

Faisal Movers offers the Executive bus service. These buses are 40 seaters, and the latest Video on Demand (VOD) system is installed on the back of every seat. VOD system enables the passengers to have the ability to choose and watch videos on demand. It also provides a personalized and flexible entertainment experience during their journey. Standard buses have a 2+2 seating configuration containing two seats in the same column, with space in between, and two seats in another column.

The Latest Yutong Buses are Executive Plus buses that feature a combination of 9 Luxury seats and 28 Executive seats. In the Faisal Movers’ bus fleet, the majority consists of Executive Plus buses. 9 Luxury seats are arranged just behind the Driver with a 2+1 seating configuration. Executive Plus bus with a 2+1 seating configuration contains two seats in one column, with space in between, and one seat is in a separate column. A partition separates Luxury and Deluxe seats in the Executive Plus bus. This hybrid model caters to diverse preferences of people.

The Super Executive category has the same features just like Executive Plus buses, but the only difference lies in their seating capacity. It has a seating capacity of only 30 seats with a 2 by-1 arrangement, which means the Super Executive bus with a 2+1 seating configuration contains two seats in one column, with space in between, and one seat in a separate column. 

If you want to have a traveling experience just like you do in a train by lying down, here comes Faisal Movers, which provides an opportunity to travel by lying down on mattresses in a bus. People widely recognize them as “Bed Buses” because a sleeper bus contains 30 beds. VIP class services are provided in Sleeper buses. Curtains maintain privacy with a personalized entertainment system. Charging ports are available to charge electronic devices like cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc. 

Faisal Movers Business Class buses contain 30-seater luxurious buses that have massager seats, lavish refreshments, and a modernized entertainment system. Moreover, Faisal Movers Business Class buses provide first-class seating arrangements with an extremely comfortable traveling experience.

Onboard Facilities & Other Services

Onboard Facilities

  • Bus Hostess
  • Wifi (Optional)
  • LCD Tabs
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Low-floor design for easy entry & exit

Inside Features

  • Charging Ports
  • AC / Heater
  • Reclining Seats
  • Massager seats for Business Class
  • Refreshments


  • Video games in Tabs
  • Snacks, Biscuits, & candies
  • Mineral & Beverages
  • Headphones
  • Overhead storage compartments

Frequently Asked Questions

Faisal Movers was founded in 1996 by Khawaja Muhammad Akbar and Khwaja Ahmad Shahzad. According to theorg.com, Ahmad Shahzad is the CEO of Faisal Movers.

Visit in person to Customer Care Service Representative at Faisal Movers Pano Aqil Terminal for online booking of a ticket. You can also reserve your seats by calling 0311-8113397 or 071-5690397. Further, you can book seats through the Faisal Movers App, Bookkaru.com, Sastaticket.pk, and bookme.pk

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Faisal Movers provides a shuttle service to passengers between its different terminals to pick up and drop them to their nearest destinations. This shuttle service, also called cab service, performs the function of feeding different terminals with passengers from various locations.

Most of the information regarding the cancellation or refund policy of Faisal Movers is mentioned on the backside of the purchased ticket. Return the ticket at least thirty minutes before departure at the same counter where you purchased it. If you purchased an online ticket through bookkaru.com, contact them at 0311-1999560 or email [email protected] to claim a refund.

Contact 0311-8113397 or 071-5690397 to confirm the availability of seats from Customer Care or check online through the Faisal Movers App, Bookkaru.com, Sastaticket.pk, and bookme.pk.

Group tickets can be purchased at highly market-competitive rates. Contact at 0311-1224488 and press 8 to talk to the special booking agent of Faisal Movers or email [email protected].

CNIC and Contact Numbers of passengers are necessary to make reservations with Faisal Movers. In case of non-availability of both, details of other family members can also be used for the purpose. 

Bookkaru.com, Sastaticket.pk and bookme.pk offers special discount offers on various Faisal Movers bus routes. Check available discount offers online to get exclusive travel deals with Faisal Movers.

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