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Have you ever recalled the wind in your hair as you travel along a highway? Obviously, Yes! Traveling integrates unforgettable memories in the subconscious, and everyone wants to build them. If you are planning to move from Islamabad to other cities, you can choose Faisal Movers Rahim Yar Khan without having a second thought.

Having the largest bus fleet in Pakistan, Faisal Movers is a pioneer in digitalizing and modernizing the transportation sector. Introduction to Video on Demand (VOD) System, Charging Ports, AC/Heater, Footrest, and Refreshments during traveling have made Faisal Movers one of the best bus services in Pakistan. It has transformed traveling into nonstop entertainment.

Faisal Movers provides cell phone numbers, a helpline, and a UAN to contact at all the terminals in Islamabad for online booking and other related updates. You can find the Faisal Movers Islamabad’s Contact Number and Online Booking Number for reservation of seats, online booking, getting cargo updates, and other relevant information in the table.

 Faisal Movers Islamabad Updated Ticket Prices 2024

Here, you will get the updated list of Faisal Mover’s fares for 2024. Fares are classified according to provinces in alphabetical order so that anyone can easily find them without spending much time. Click here to get ongoing discounts provided by Faisal Movers on the Bokkaru App. In the following table, you will get the latest Faisal Movers ticket price list.

Faisal Movers Islamabad Terminal

Faisal Movers Islamabad Terminals

Here you will get the latest information regarding all the terminals of Faisal Movers Islamabad. Faisal Movers is having three terminals in Islamabad. You can go anyone from these to avail the best and comfortable bus service.

Faizabad Terminal

Faisal Movers Faizabad Terminal is located on Main Faizabad Chowk, Rawalpindi. From this terminal, most of the buses depart for Lahore, Peshawar, Faisalabad, Sargodha, and Mianwali. If you are planning to travel to the southern and western sides of Islamabad, you will visit the Faizabad Terminal, as most of the buses depart from this terminal to the upper areas of Punjab. At this terminal, you will also find various ticketing booths and customer care services as well.

City Terminal

Faisal Movers City Terminal is located near 26 number, Peshawar Mor. From this terminal, you will find most of the buses departing for Sahiwal, Bahawalpur, Multan, DG Khan, Rajanpur, Rahim Yar Khan, and other cities of Southern Punjab, Sindh, and Karachi. The buses leaving Faisal Movers City Terminal also pick up passengers at Faisal Movers Faizabad Terminal because Faizabad Terminal is on the way before entering the motorway/highway.

G-9 Markaz Terminal

Faisal Movers G-9 Markaz Terminal is located on Mangla Road, G-9 Markaz Karachi company. It is the main point before entering the M3 Motorway. Standard facilities like waiting areas, ticket counters, and washrooms are available at this terminal. Moreover, the terminal provides easy access to various city sectors of Islamabad. Anyone can easily access this terminal to start the journey anywhere in Pakistan. The journey with Faisal Movers has now become easy.

Cargo Faisal Movers

Faisal Movers Islamabad Terminal Bus Timings

Lahore Bus Timings

Peshawar Bus Timings

Bahawalpur Bus Timings

Karachi Bus Timings

Faisal Movers Islamabad Bus Schedule

Onboard Facilities, and Other Services

Onboard Facilities

  • Bus Hostess
  • Wifi (Optional)
  • LCD Tabs
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Low-floor design for easy entry & exit

Inside Features

  • Charging Ports
  • AC / Heater
  • Reclining Seats
  • Massager seats for Business Class
  • Refreshments


  • Video games in Tabs
  • Snacks, Biscuits, & candies
  • Mineral & Beverages
  • Headphones
  • Overhead storage compartments

Frequently Asked Questions

Faisal Movers was founded in 1996 by Khawaja Muhammad Akbar and Khwaja Ahmad Shahzad. According to theorg.com, Ahmad Shahzad is the CEO of Faisal Movers.

Visit in person to Customer Care Service Representative at Faizabad Terminal, City Terminal, or G-9 Markaz Terminal, for online booking of a ticket in Islamabad. You can also reserve your seats by calling 0311-1224488 or 051-111224488. Further, you can book seats through the Faisal Movers App, Bookkaru.com, Sastaticket.pk, and bookme.pk

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Faisal Movers provides a shuttle service to passengers between its different terminals to pick up and drop them to their nearest destinations. This shuttle service, also called cab service, performs the function of feeding different terminals of Islamabad with passengers from various locations.

Most of the information regarding the cancellation or refund policy of Faisal Movers is mentioned on the backside of the purchased ticket. Return the ticket at least thirty minutes before departure at the same counter where you purchased it. If you purchased an online ticket through bookkaru.com, contact them at 0311-1999560 or email [email protected] to claim a refund.

Contact 0311-1224488 or 051-111224488 to confirm the availability of seats from Customer Care or check online through the Faisal Movers App, Bookkaru.com, Sastaticket.pk, and bookme.pk.

Group tickets can be purchased at highly market-competitive rates. Contact at 0311-1224488 and press 8 to talk to the special booking agent of Faisal Movers or email [email protected].

CNIC and Contact Numbers of passengers are necessary to make reservations with Faisal Movers. In case of non-availability of both, details of other family members can also be used for the purpose. 

Bookkaru.com, Sastaticket.pk and bookme.pk offers special discount offers on various Faisal Movers bus routes. Check available discount offers online to get exclusive travel deals with Faisal Movers.

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